Gritty Marsha Brady

by Valore

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No I did not spell Marsha wrong, fuck the CIA. I recorded this album in two days. Kill your phone.


released August 4, 2016

Thank you Ottpop my glitch queen for the artwork!! Shouts out to the amazing producers Durty Deez, Aje, Beardless, cunabear, In DUB We Trust, Matty Meatloaf, and Octo5. I literally couldn't have done this without you. Shouts out to Gumphouse Studios, Beartooth Collective, House of Strut, Connect Savannah, DO Savannah and you for listening. Hope you stay tuned for more Valore.



all rights reserved


Valore Savannah, Georgia

It's about upliftment

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Track Name: Mental Stability (prod by Matty Meatloaf)
My words are disease
To these mcs
Because they intricately infiltrate their
Mental stability
You gladly receive this positivity
I'll write out a recipe with this poetry
Spit it on dope beat
There's No need for petty disagreeing
Cause I'm Never shady
Always stay hazy
Spacey like bennie and the jets
On point with my cadence
Hypnotized in a trance
Take a stance in justice
Give the people substance
Lust after intelligence
Twist out the alphabet while I dance
Punk hiphop princess...
Like... Like...

Call me Marsha Brady
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

And that is Marsha with an S-H-A fuck the CIA

Hey, all the bitches are wearing black
Cut them some slack
They haven't done laundry in a while
Smile cause you know who's taking you home
Poetry in my veins
Like this isn't insane
Calamity when I drop the verse
Drip drop motha fuckas
I'm the faucet
Not the cause of all this none sense
Nothing makes any fucking sense
Orchestrater of madness
You got all this sadness
I don't like that shit
Get happy
Get sappy
tell your girl you love her
Just don't suffocate her
Or belittle her
And you'll have her wrapped around your finger
In no time

Shine on little girl
You're the prom queen
The whiskey bee
Honey don't be scared of what will be
Because honestly we'll be okay
As long as we stay lovin
Stay stuntin
Someone show me somethin I've never seen before
Rhythms galore
What's in store next?
Best dressed
Funkiest priestess
When the sun sets
She'll be unleashed
The beast awakens
Longing for intellegent conversations
With goofy mother fuckers
You thought I couldn't rap???
Tap tap taping at my door longing for more
Yea it's Valore
I'll show you a whole other world
You never thought to explore
In that head of yours

You guys just don't get it
You don't fuckingn get it

I will spit on the street with no beat
Never need to compete
Just be completely free in this poetry
You already know me
I'm That girl that looks like Marsha brady
But I'm unapologetically gritty
Please don't spend me pity
I don't need a mic to get the crowd rowdy
I live radically
Saying things you never dared to
Sending shivers up your spine
As I recite intricately knit lyrics to
Uplift everybody
I use this vocabulary towards interweaving us as a community
Not a shallow society in disparity

I didn't know you could spit like that
Kill ur phone
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
Fuck the CIA
Damn that's some gritty fucking shit
Track Name: Miracle Drug feat Beardless (prod by cunabear)
Days fly by
Emotions are a turbulent wave I try to navigate
The water isn't always rocky and unsteady.
It can be peaceful.
My mind will trickle until the faucet of my emotions suddenly shuts and calms and there are no longer hindering thoughts
No notion of regret
With my shoulders poised back relax. Detox and bypass pent up frustrations by picking up a pen and paper with no hesitation.
Begin the articulation of my mind
Set upon intentions of upliftment
Shun out the twisted schemes of their negative motives
I'm simply trying to stay level headed against the storm of culture, vices, destructions, trends, government, "ethics" and "politics"
There is no pretending I know it all. Merely let the water replenish me in my ocean of serenity
Water cleanses, it clears the senses and sustains the suspension of species.
Once the crying is done
There is the blessed sun
There are tons of beings I know radiate that same energy
Reaching to infinity and beyond
I've found my home in pockets of friendship
My friends are like the most succulent and savory juices
I love the taste of our conversations
They are the sunshine and the H2O that flows in my veins
reign over me light.
I don't need sight when I can dive into vibrations and pools of lovely sensations
My voice has not yet gone through evaporation
So I whip my head in the wind and rage and yell praise for the daze
This intricate haze
Press play
And say
Yes to no distress
Yes to live music from sunrise to sunset
Yes to dancing and dreaming and living and thriving
One door closes but there is a window next to it
Propel out of the building and forget about doors
For there is mother nature to explore
Mother fuckers!
Don't go back to the demons
Do not let them control your thoughts.
Open my brain and toss them out of the folds they've been hiding in.
My aunt bev told me the meaning of life but she doesn't use words she showed me through her actions. Her love.
The same love I have for everyone.
Love will remain for posterity.
Forever giving clarity.

Track Name: kill ur phone (prod by Octo5)
But what happens when my phone dies???
Do I still exist out side of these pages I've created and broadcasted my life onto?
Religiously checked into other people's lives
What am I without this lifeline?
This cellular device
In which I sacrifice my time?
I only feel divine when people like the picture I paint on a screen
Bleed out pixels as I scream
I don't want this anymore
I want to explore the world around me
Be completely checked out and free of the miscellaneous apps
That mostly distract and counteract from productivity
Feel the relief of silencing my thumbs
As I shake off the disease technology can become
Hum a tune as I become in-tune with my surroundings physically
Instead of virtually

I said come on baby let's kill our phones,
Won't you join the fun?
I'm so sick of being a robot

Scroll in and out of apps with skill
Killing time via clicking
Clicking clicking clicking
I keep clicking
I can't stop clicking
Drumming up emotions like it's substance to sell
There is some reluctance in my head, can't you tell?
You tried to spin me in this web
I ebbed away
Feeling the grey surfacing
Turning into magenta
Turning into raspberry
Then to gangrene
I've seen you in the bars
Searching for something
I've been there too
Watching you pace around for conversation
Not satiated by the drugs
Or the fake hugs
Did you get your degree
Did you get your degree?
How does it feel darling?
Are you more enlightened or the same
Do we measure ourselves in debt or in the taming of the heart?
Where does one even start?
Track Name: Colorful Cassettes (prod by Durty Deez)
My life is littered with colorful cassettes
I am blessed
No distress as I let myself take hold of my mind
Unwind to the dopeness
I got succulent substance in my essence
Sippin reefer cigarettes
Sublet radiance with my presence
Except there's no expense
In extreme suspense as
You Catch some feelings
Begin unreeling
I've gotta stop saying sorry so damn much
I gotta stop saying sorry so damn much
I gotta stop saying sorry sp damn much

Cause everybody plays the fool sometimes
There's no exception to the rule

Taking off my dress
Sweaty sex with no a/c
Bring the sleaze
Squeeze me love me hold me
Really feel me
But you will not own me
You will not own me
You will not own me

Everybody plays the fool
There's no exception to the rule
Listen baby

Hey I'm not perfect and neither are you
But I think we could make a nice shade of blue
So won't you forget about your heart contusions
And your heads confusion
And lay with me for a while
Track Name: Darlin' feat cunabear (prod by Durty Deez)
Darling people will smile in your face
And then spit on your name
When they can't physically see you
They will contort and misconstrue news
But you know what you need to do?
Keep expressing frustrations intricately and openly
Keep loving with subtle electric passion
Keep uplifting with no hesitation
Position yourself with liaisons
The moment you think you're completely shattered and tarred
And yet still keep going
Is when the real magic happens
Life has a funny way of being bliss and piss within same moments
Experience it and savor
Dwell within the nooks and crannies of this time and space
I don't believe we have to be in a distinct place in order to taste bliss
I'm gonna dwell in love and not resist
Intuition has gotten me far
There's not much difference between velvet and velour
So sit and let's chit chat about the spiritual faucets
Turn on our minds for a few seconds
Remove the phone from our hands and just listen

Oh my darling!

There's daggers in the grocery bin

A Food fight in the lions den

Focus on invisibility with the adept strength of the stone mask on brass


Happiness on my crest


Spread it to everyone off the list


I've got kunai

On my right thigh

Double-inch blade

With the poison tip

My nigga free slaves

With a motherbrain

Setting all phasers to "amaze"

Bear's Tooth gripping and bending the


The ancient dragon guarding access to the kindness hoarded over a millennium is currently described as perennial but blooms once and dies young like the petty treasures you've clung to

Impervious to the nerves that pull the corners of your rug forward when you're fearful

For the mist will crawl into your skull and free memory space to contemplate the taste of effigies that burn energy indefinitely in the name of negativity

Spare me the nonsense

The movement's made for progress

I fell in love with your favorite rappers girlfriend when I saw her in that prom dress

Now he's the butler she's the wifey

Catch a nigga in a bearskin headdress with some honey on my bare chest bumpin' Driver on cassette
Track Name: Bussing Tables (prod by In DUB We Trust)
Girl you're too fine to be bussing tables
Come to my world of mystical invasion
Where the only hurt is an occasional splinter and the only rent you pay is live to another
Cause I can tell that this cycle of just getting by is weighing you down
So come to my world that's just for you my rejected clown
A place where every note, every poem, every song is heard by a lover us artist herd together to create a world of beauty no need for power
We were once tossed by authority to the wayside now we're entrepreneurs of art and love relaxing by the poolside
So forget about minimum wage
Or if that douche bag loves you
Or if that dress fits you
Or if your daddy ever loved you
To all those tears clouding your eyes say adieu
For it's time to see a new dawn
Your silhouette becomes a statue of bronze
Track Name: Twisted America (prod by Durty Deez)
I pledge allegiance to the flag of te United States of corruption
And to the republic for which we decay
One nation under the dollar
With liberty and justice for the rich

This shit gets so fucking twisted

This is twisted america and shit gets so twisted
It doesn't take much logic to see politics
Are fucking up our government
Bull shit answers to pertinent questions
ignorance of bullets transferred by police into innocent civilians
I am twisted america
I'm flipping this shit upside down
Wear my stars and stripes hat to counteract
Bring back the idea of freedom
No more attacking of others philosophies
Or Prejudice of ethnicities
Darling this world is beautiful ecstacy
Once you live above the frightful system
Unnecessary stigmas
I'm the liaison to enlightenment
Insight to your inner creativity
Lovely you have so much inside of you
Unleash yourself into the throes of love and desire
Transpire into utter bliss
As you dismiss ignorance
Smile with the sun on your lips
Lay in the deep green grass
Sink into the abyss
This is freedom
Right here in this moment
We're committing treason with poetic reason
The truth does not fade with the seasons
Let's dust off the cobwebs of their inner frustrations
Open wide their closed minds and hearts
Let them see we don't have to be pawns to the paper
Money never bought me love
Never kept me as warm as your hug
Track Name: Stardust Combusts (prod by In DUB We Trust)
Girl you are made of star dust and confidence
Wash off that rust and negativity that has been keeping you in a trance
Begin to turn to the sun for substance, direction, and reflection
Galaxies rise when you dive into your stance
Seize your inner worth and don't even try to put out the flaming torch in your soul
Dance away the hate and satiate your needs, wants, and goals

They try to haunt and take a toll on you
Punch down your dreams
Keep you quiet
But they don't know you are unstoppable
You are a riot
You mean business
And you are no less than any other organic essence
There is nothing but brilliance in your breath
Track Name: Sanskrit Font (prod by Beardless)
I swear I'm not going crazy
I swear I'm not going crazy
I seear I'm mot goingg crazy

Sifting through mines of emotions
Through endless tokens of affections
But no real substance is found
Only scripted plastic words
Used by the wolf to tantalize lambs
You broke up with me in sans script font
Sought to reprimand using arial
But it was too late I was spiraling into grief
Until I found some relief in this music
Soaked up that good ink
That made me think about my reality
How I choose to see myself
Perspective is much better up in the clouds
But I'm still on the ground
You only come around when you need something
So eager with your touching
I loose feeling when you're nudging
At my soul
It feels numb
I get butterflies before I hit the stage
I go dumb
Unload some rage
Rearrange their brains
Engage the crowd mentally
I'm guilty of Stimulating their sensory
Persuasively trying to let them know they are worthy
Letting go of our egos
Subtly disintegrating any power
Shower and shake off bad intentions
Did I mention you're beautiful?
Be mindful of that and
Never forget
Never forget
Never forget
Track Name: Wifi Gods Reign? (prod by Ajeless)
Scrolling through this book of faces
Fazing out of reality
I'm feigning for some solace
Seems as though the toughest part is admitting we have a problem
Of taking time peeking into peoples lives
Instead of living our own
We're addicted to the scrolling
To the seeking and the searching
We keep thinking something else is out there in this huge abyss called the internet
Keep thinking true love was missed in an accidental tinder swipe to the left
So we keep on swiping right with no success
Keep thinking Intelligence is only a mouse click away
So we keep on clicking
Deaf to the decay

Life is much easier as a pixel on a tropical island
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Wasting time playing angry birds
Absurd to get anything done
When there's a phone touch
That lights up a feast for the senses
It's like an artificial social subelement
But there's no real substance
More distance
I find more resonance in your physical presence
And I appreciate you holding my hand
More than liking my status
An actual conversation more than a
I feel closer to you making eye contact
Than texting
The heart emoji doesn't do my love justice
So I'm forgetting the superficial nonsense
Turning off my phone and meditating
I'm stimulating my mind in my own organic imagination
I feel peace
What others think ceases to exist
All that's left within is bliss
I have my bubble of happiness

Lost in the internet
I just wanna be lost in the internet

I just wanna be lost in the internet
Like my status
Please like my status
Refresh refresh refresh
Until you find the notification that's best
Press press press buttons
Touching screens
Never skin
Promote all of your sins
To the body of mass that follows you
And they'll follow your moves
Lose sight of tangible reality
Scrolling until clarity is achieved
Deceive them all through painted faces pixelated
Snap a chat instead of fingers
Look into a book of faces instead of the actual physical traces

Lost in the internet don't let me get lost in the internet